105 Seymour Road
Rochester, NY 14609
(716) 288-7219

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Web Designer / Programmer / Computer User.

Primary skill set is web design and web development.
I also have experience with application programming in Java.
3 years experience working as an amateur web designer
3 years experience developing web networks
Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language (DHTML)
Extended Hyper Text Markup Language (XHTML)
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Extended Server Side Includes (XSSI)
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Structured Query Language (SQL)
MySQL (database)
Java (applets/applications-intermediate level+)
C++ (beginner level)

Hardware Installation - installing network cards, sound cards, motherboards, hard drives, CD-drives as well as CD-writer drives, and memory. I can do most other hardware installation while being aided by an instruction manual.

Computer Setup - I am able to setup ready-made computers with little effort. This includes the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer, as well as the main case. I can connect computers to local area networks. If special firewall's or proxies are used by your corporation consultation with the network administrator will be necessary in order to connect the computer to the LAN.

Software - I am well versed in software installation for the Windows systems. I can download software and navigate the web. I am also able to solve simple software related problem.

High School - McQuaid Jesuit High School 7th Grade - 9th Grade
High School - East High School 10th Grade - Graduation
College - Monroe Community College 3 semesters
College - Stony Brook University 3 semesters

I am currently working towards getting my major in Computer Science.
Some courses I have taken are:
Computer Fundamentals at MCC.
Computer Science 113 - Fundamentals of Computer Science I
Computer Science 114 - Computer Science I
Computer Science 214 - Computer Science II


Gurus Network - I perform forum moderation, content moderation, back-end coding, as well as to do small graphics for different parts of the site, as well as a tutorial writer. This is a site dedicated to teaching people web design.

Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association - I donated my time to develop a website for this non-profit organization, as well as act as this site's web master.

Jackass Jokes - I created this site and performed all back-end coding, and user-interface development.

TrioComputers - I have done consulting for this site, as well as helped with minor back-end elements.

FunnyWebsite - I provided consulting services for this site. This site gathers between 4,000 and 7,000 unique visitors per day.

References will be provided upon request.